Getting Started!

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Install Blaze CSS

Ensure you have installed Blaze CSS before using the components.

Note! We're still working on this site, this in page in particular is outdated: only the direct links to rg.js and rg.min.js are current. We've yet to update the NPM and CDN links. Mea Culpa. If you find other issues with the web site please let us know here

Under Conversion from v1 to v2

Install the RiotGear

OUTDATED INFO - To be Updated when we finish all the Blaze 2 components.


RiotGear is hosted by JSDelivr

» (v3.6.2)
» (latest)

<script src=""></script>

Install via NPM

RiotGear has been published to NPM.

npm install riotgear --save

Or alternatively:

Download the source

» rg.min.js