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New in v3.6.0! The addresses feature from Blaze CSS is early beta!


  • The recipient field is the owner, person or company
  • The settings for road, district, town, state, code, country attach a class of 'c-address--{marker}' to each line.
  • The map functions will be in the next release of the address.




var tags = riot.mount('rg-address', {
          address: {
            recipient: "The Simpsons",
            lines: [
                   {line: "742 Evergreen Terrace", road: true},
                   {line: "Lone Pine Estate", district: true},
                   {line: "Springfield", town: true},
                   {line: "IL.", state: true},
                   {line: "80085", code: true},
                   {line: "USA", country: true}
          showmap: true,
          maplocation: "left|top|bottom|right"