RiotGear vs RiotGear2

This site is an upgrade and a fork of the excellent RiotGear components. However, they are Blaze CSS v1.0 compatible. This is a fork of the orginal page and code, updated for Blaze CSS v2. If your looking for the original RiotGear please head over here

Note! We're still working on this site, If you find any issues with the web site please let us know here

Ready made components

RiotGear was built to help. Help you improve your app development speed. If we've built it already why reinvent the wheel? The components should have all the functionality the majority of people need.

In just a few lines of code you could have an off-canvas slide in side-menu, a set of tabs, a bunch of nice toggles and lots of others. Plus the list of components is increasing all the time.

Blaze CSS v2

Each component relies on Blaze CSS an open source modular CSS framework. Each component in RiotGear and Blaze is modular so you don't need the whole of either framework to get started.

The people behind RiotGear also built Blaze so you know the two work well together, and if you want help you'll get our world class help with either framework!


We have a really cool state based router. It is totally decoupled from tags so you can interact with it outside of Riot tag code.

RiotGear and the Router are separate so you can use the router in your existing Riot apps without installing RiotGear.

Tags can reference the router and gain access to it meaning more than one tag can be affected by more than one state and one state can affect more than one tag.

You can even add and remove states at any point in time making code organisation really flexible.


If you have an idea for a new component or would like to make a suggestion:

Props! Maximum respect and kudos to the orginal RiotGear team for creating such a great tool.

Like any good open source project this one started with an itch to scratch, we really liked the Blaze CSS 2 features, however, the original RiotGear team were not updating the library for some reason, so we pitched in and did the converstion. Plus it was a great way to learn RiotJS as well.

Our plans for the future are ambitious, not only do we want to target complete Blaze CSS functionality, we plan to make this a plugable UI library for Materialize and Bootstrap. RiotJS makes this at least feasible. Let's see how far we get. Your support is welcome, do join the project if our plan excites you too.

Happy coding!