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New in v3.6.0! Easily add HTML content to the contents of your tag. We've used it to inject markdown content into tags


The text below is from within an <rg-html> component.

Random Heading into Amber

The road to Amber grew dim, as the trees closed in, Corwin startled as unicorn skittered across the road...
Things were clearly going to seed to see them this close to the castle.


  • Useful if you want HTML text in your tags.
  • Actually this tag came about because of a need to "embed" HTML into the alerts
  • Risk! This is intended to be used with care, ideally for read only material, since of you allow the user access to the contents, it opens the door for scripting attacks on your site.


	<rg-html [content='HTML content']>[HTML content can also appear here]</rg-html>


     var tags = riot.mount('rg-html', {
          html: {
                  content: "Your HTML text"